Nederlandse taal

Basic insurance

Anyone who lives in the Netherlands or work must have health insurance. The basic package covers the standard of care, such as the doctor, hospital and pharmacy. Health insurers are obliged to accept everyone for the basic insurance. They may charge no more expensive premium for the elderly or for people with a lot of medical problems. For the care of the basic everyone pays a fixed amount to the health insurance company. Young people up to 18 years do not pay this. In addition to your basic insurance you can arrange supplementary insurance.

Supplementary healthcare insurance

An supplementary insurance reimburses care that is not covered in the basic insurance. Like if you visit a dentist or a physical therapist because the basic insurance will not reimburse these expenses. If you're expecting costs beyond the basic, it's smart to ask for supplementary health insurance. Check beforehand whether the benefits outweigh the additional premium that you pay for additional insurance.

Own risk

The mandatory prize is € 385, -. The first € 385, - for medical expenses you must pay personally. General medical care is an exception and does not depend on your own risk. However if additional studies should be carried out (e.g. laboratory research, or smear) these costs will be limited by your own risk. You can agree on a higher sum at your health insurance company, and ask for a discount on your premium.

Health care benefits

You may be eligible for health care benefits. This is a contribution towards the cost of health insurance. Upon your salary the health insurance company will decided the fees and whether you can have discount. Visit the website of the Tax Service “Belastingdienst” for more information and apply for health care benefits. Are you ready to study or are you going to suddenly earn more? Do not forget to check the health care benefits to prevent repay.

Budget Policy

It is advisable to fit with the conclusion of a budget policy. For budget policies make insurance arrangements with a limited number of hospitals and health care providers. If you would like to have the treatment elsewhere than the sum of the reimbursement might be less. This might happen if you go to the family doctor or pharmacy of your choice.

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