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When do you have to go to a hospital?

If the doctor finds it necessary, he may refer you to the hospital for further examination and / or a consultation with other medical specialist. In these cases you always need a referral from a general practitioner to visit the hospital. You can decide in consultation with your doctor which hospital you prefer. Check it with your health insurance if they have a contract with the hospital. GP’s in East Utrecht work together with Diakonessenhuis hospital and University Medical Center Utrecht. Obviously you can also go to the St. Antonius Hospital, if it is more convenient for you.

First aid

The emergency room is for life-threatening situations and located in the hospital. It is good to know that all care in the emergency room under the (mandatory) is deductible. A visit to the GP when the GP does not fall under the (compulsory) excess. It is therefore wise to medical assistance, unless there is a life-threatening situation, going first to the GP or the GP. If necessary, the GP will refer you to the hospital. The GP in Utrecht is located in the Urgent Care Centre of Diakonessenhuis, very handy.