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General practitioner

For psychological help and support you can also go to the family doctor. First it will be determined what fits your problem the best and which type of a doctor would be needed for you. You can think of psychological help or a specialized nurse practitioner.

Mental health nurse

Many GP’s have specialized mental health nurses in their practice. It is a nurse who specialized in helping with stress, depressive, anxiety or stress symptoms and also for like excessive use of alcohol or drugs. They work with a variety of mental health professionals in the area. For the help by a mental health nurse, you pay no contribution, the aid is fully reimbursed from the basic care.

Aid workers in Utrecht “Buurtteam”

In Utrecht eighteen teams of aid workers “Buurtteam” operate to offer social basic care to all who are in need especially for Utrechters. Furthermore, also for you as a student when you might experience problems that you cannot overcome or solve by yourself. The problems can be derived from different cause, like in solitude financial or psychological level. Buurtteam cooperates with institutions and organizations in the district. The aid workers believe that with their help the best solutions could be found. Students can contact the Buurtteam East or ask for an appointment. If necessary, they can come to your home as well.


If a referral is necessary to another healthcare provider, such as a psychologist, the doctor will give it to you, possibly at the request of the nurse. It is reimbursed from the basic package, you have to pay a contribution. However, you must take into account the (compulsory) excess. You can contact your health insurance in order to submit it and to get more clarity. In Utrecht Oost, Kanaleneiland and Oog in Al kyou can go to a psychologist who is the closest to you.