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General practitioner (GP)

The GP is the first professional you should visit in case of any health problems. The GP can be the help of answering any questions on medical, psychological and social level. Including other common problems which students have to deal with such as (study) stress, mental health problems, sports injuries, fatigue and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), etc. The doctor knows which type of specialist you should be directed to, because in the Netherlands you cannot go straight to hospitals with your problems!

Subscribe nearby

It is useful if you can approach your GP easily and it is close where you live and / or study because you still spend most of the time at that area (during the week). Either it is a quick question or it is an emergency situation the doctor where you are registered at  will you give the care that is needed. In case of unexpected situations when it is no time to ask for an appointment of your GP then it is a nice that you can have someone who can help you directly. While it saves a lot of time and hassle because you do not have to go to the doctor at your location of your parents for a prescription. It is preferable for the doctors to help someone who is nearby than someone who is living far away. Every doctor have their own patients in the district so it is easier to keep the contacts with patients who live close.

Looking for a family doctor in East Utrecht, center of Utrecht, Kanaleneiland or Oog in Al? Then, please sign up immediately!

Urgent general practitioner’s Center (huisartsenpost)

You can visit your GP on Monday / Friday from 08:00 to 17:00  but if you perceive symptoms that cannot wait until the following day or it appeared during the weekend then call the Urgent GP Centre. An employee will estimate the urgency of your complaints sometimes in consultation with a doctor. If necessary, you will be ask to come to the center for a consultation like in case of sprained ankle, head injury, acute abdominal pain that does not respond to any painkillers or acute psychological distress. It is always of a key importance to call the center ahead to discuss whether it is necessary or not to see a doctor immediately.

The Urgent GP center in Utrecht is located in the Urgent Care Centre of the Diakonessenhuis hospital. Please check the website for more information!

Student Issues

There are several problems that occur relatively frequently among students. The freedom of independent living, learning and stress those are the most important ones that make students  to suffer from psychological problems, drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption and other kind of problems with different cause. With those types of problems you can go to GP and you might be directed to a psychologist as well, depending on the severity of the problem.