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What does the dietician do?

A dietitian can help you with all sorts of questions about nutrition and dietary and give you advice both in health and illness. The dietitian offers guidance, coaching and support in nutrition and diet advice and gives practical tips for running and keeping the routine. Besides, you can go if you want to lose weight but also in case of intolerances, allergies or digestive problems. You can visit your dietician as well if you just would like to ask for an advice about health routine!

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For a consultation with a dietitian a referral is not necessary from a general practitioner. The basic insurance is paid annually including three hours of dietary advice, this falls under the compulsory excess. Possibly there are extra fee on top of the supplementary insurance. You can check this with your insurance company, it is therefore advisable to ask whether they think that it is required to ask a referral by the GP to qualify for the reimbursement.